About Us

Kuto Construction & Consultancy was established to accumulate the knowledge & experience gained by two individuals for the past 8 years over whole Nepal. Kuto Was officially registered at 2019 with the idea of providing international construction quality with new construction techniques, equipment and workmanship. We believe on quality, sustainable construction with liable service and innovative idea.

Construction Works

The Kuto is for Construction Works

Consulting Services

We deliver quality consulting services

Construction & Consultancy Services

Why Choose us

Kuto Construction & Consultancy - Newly emerge leading construction company of Nepal having over 8 years of experience in construction field all over Nepal.

Technical Expertise

Highly experienced technical personal leading Government Project, INGO Projects, and Private Projects all over the Nepal. Expert consultant counseling & guidance with highly energized & dedicated management is the key combination.

Quality Assurance

Quality assurance adds the value of effective design for quality construction. The major lacking in Nepali Construction is poor workmanship and quality control. Kuto Construction is committed to proper workmanship and quality assurance.

Scheduled Work

कुटो परिवार तपाईंको सपनाको घरमा हुने लगानी समय र मुल्यको महत्वलाई बुझ्दै, सम्पुर्ण निर्माणको कार्यतालिका बनाएर पेशागत प्राबिधिकको प्रत्यक्ष निगरानीमा दक्ष कामदारहरुबाट निर्माण सम्पन्न गरि समयमै हस्तान्तरण गर्न सदैब प्रतिबद्ध छ। तपाईको सपना हामी पूरा गर्छौ ।

Experienced Manpower

Field manpower are front man & key person of Project success. Kuto believes in trained & experienced manpower and we do delivers so.


To satisfy our clients with our vision and values.


We believe on honesty, team-work & constructive comments from the client and stakeholders.

Kuto SkyLine

Looking for best partner for your next construction works?

महत्वपूर्ण जानकारीहरु

ध्यान दिएर हेनुहोला, शायद काम लाग्छ कि ...

The Emerging

Project Buildings

We focus on Quality and Comfort Livings

Home Maintenance

Deal with the all sorts of renovation & maintainance

Value Engineering

The combination of expert consultants, engineers and skilled work-force bring value to engineering works

Project Management

Scheduled monitoring & inspection for check and balanced construction

Our Key Features

Quality - Safety - First


We consult on every aspects of housing, roads, irrigations, bridges etc. as per technical specifications.

Design & Drawing

We provide earthquake resilent design and drawing of structures as per latest design codes.


Execution of physical structures on the ground as per design and drawings by controlling skilled workmanship, quality control and frequent supervision/inspection.